An Archive of My Past IEDC Ignite Presentations

Next year will be my 25th year in economic development.  I am always on the lookout for the next new thing that can help me communicate my message as well as add value to the community or organization for which I am working.  Ignite was one of those ‘next new things’.  I volunteered for the very first IEDC Ignite at the 2012 IEDC Leadership Summit in San Antonio.  Fortunately, it was not recorded.  It was just okay, no proof it wasn’t, but I thought it was a valuable learning process – one of many initiated by my involvement with IEDC.  Ignite’s blending of technology, storytelling, efficiency and, yes, a little entertainment are skills I have honed with Ignite, but that I have endeavored to use in my other speaking engagements and everyday communications.

I hope that you enjoy this and will take away some little thing that makes you a better economic development professional.  The thing is if I am good, I’m good, but if I’m bad, it’s only for five minutes.